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Shock Theatre Hosts
Fire House Film Festival's Fright Night

July 20, 2013

Join Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dirge Friday July 26th, for a special evening of Indie Horror Films presented by the Fire House Film Festival. Six SPOOKTACULAR FILMS for only $10 Dollars.

Firehouse Film Fest
All the creepy fun begins at 8pm with:

"Vampire Camp" (78 min), by Ray Robison.
"Next of Kin" (9 min) By Harry Musselwhite
... "Bystander" (8.5 min) By Griffin Stover
"Clear Revenge" (11.5 min)" By Jennifer Lonardo
"Pigman" (20 min) By Nick Demao
"Season of Darkness" by Jay Woelfel

Dalton Little Theatre - 210 Pentz St.

Dalton Little Theatre is proud to present it's first short film festival, the Firehouse Film Fes...tival. The festival will be held June 24th at 7pm, June 25th at 8pm and June 26th at 2pm. On June 26th, after the final showing of the films, we will have an award ceremony for an Audience Selection Choice award and a Panel Selection Choice award. The films are all locally produced for Dalton and surrounding areas. The ratings of the films range from general audiences to mature material. Tickets are $5 and seating is on a first come/first serve basis so be sure to come early. We will also serve the standard concessions and have a possible meet-and-greet with the directors at the end of each night. Come out and support the arts in your community!

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Connooga 2013Shock Theatre At Connooga 2013

The dynamic foursome from Shock Theatre returns once again to their favorite Multi-fandom convention, Con nooga 2012.

A screening of November Fire's "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" will take place on March 2nd, in Finley Hall at 7pm - 9pm EST.

Join Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dirge as they present an old classic with a new twist. November Fire has restored and renvisioned this silent film masterpiece. You'll fall in love with this classic with full audio dialogue and a new original sound track by Hob Goblin.

For more information contact Con nooga 2013 at:
Shock Theatre Presents "Plan 9 From Outer Space"
In COLOR on January 19, 2013
December 16, 2012

Plan 9 Princess
The cast and crew of Shock Theatre return to the Princess Theatre in South Pittsburg as they present a cult classic with a twist.

Plan 9 From Outer Space will be screened on January 19th, 2013 at the Princess Theatre in South Pittsburg, but this time you'll see it in Color. That's right Shock Theatre and Legend Films have teamed up to bring you the fabulous colorized version of "Plan 9 From Outer Space."  You'll be amazed at how unbelievably well done this version of Plan 9 is.

Meet Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dirge as they present a classic horror experience on the BIG SCREEN.  Prizes, Magic, Classic Horror, Shock Theatre... all this and more as you experience a retro cinematic experience.

That's not all because between movies you'll be treated to a truly magical show with the Magic of Scott by Scott Fillers. Don't miss this veteran magician as he dazzles the audience with his illusions.

Doors open at 6pm, shows start at 7 and 9pm Central Standard Time. The Princess Theater is located at 215 South Cedar Ave. in South Pittsburg. For more information you can call (423)-228-3186.

Tickets on sale preshow at the Dixie Freeze and City of South Pittsburg office.

$10 Adults
Children Under 12
Shock Theatre Unveils "Shock Theatre INK"
July 21, 2012

3 panelMany of the Shock Theatre faithful have seen the original program that aired back in the 1970's. However, this week Shock Theatre unveils something never before seen  with the Shock Theatre project. A fully animated black and white comic strip has been created to support the newly created version of the famous horror hosting program. 

Shock Theatre INK will portray the terrifying cast of characters in a long and winding comic novela story.

Gray explains, "we had one of our fans demonstrate his wonderful artistic abilities as a cartoonist. Teddy Whittenbarger, a new addition to the Shock Theatre cast, is also a very talented artist with a flair for comic strips."

"Teddy is a really great guy. 
He has a background in theatre, music, horror, costuming and when we saw what he could do with a pen, well we put Teddy to work."

We hope to follow up on the comic strip with more sets of panels.  The first sequence of panels portrays the cast consulting Madame Tolstarr world renowned psychic, as they seek information and "Search for Dingbat."

Dingbat Reunites with Dr. Shock and Nurse Goodbody
February 21, 2012

The original Dingbat used on Shock Theatre (1968-1975) and created by Dan East had a homecoming this past weekend. It's been 40 years since the original Dingbat and Dr. Shock have been together, but on Saturday, February 18th a little bit of history was made at Con nooga 2012. 
Shock Theatre was scheduled to present Night of the Living Dead for the Con nooga fans attending the event. It was a great crowd filling the theatre to capacity as Doc and Nurse G. addressed the masses of the macabre, explaining what they were about to see with the first episode of the New Shock Theatre.

Dr. Shock had arranged a surprise for the Con nooga faithful. A reunion with Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody and Dingbat was about to take place. After 40 years the original Dingbat, created by Dan East, was reunited with the Shock Theatre cast for a live event.  The Shock fans were surprised to say the least to witness such an historical reunion.

Dingbat has been kept by Dan East's nephew John Esslinger from Nashville.  There is also talk about including the original Dingbat in on an up coming episode. We'll let you know as details become available.

Walking Dead Zombie Sonya Thompson to Appear at Con nooga 2012

January 28, 2012

Bright, positive, upbeat, sincere, sweet, kind, cute, beautiful, sexy.... these are words not often used to describe a zombie. Unless of course you’re talking about the most photographed zombie worldwide from the popular AMC series “The Walking Dead”. Then you would be talking about Sonya Thompson one of the rising stars from the Walking Dead Series.

Sonya T
It was recently at the "Blood Ward"  premiere that I had the pleasure of meeting Sonya.  A setting that couldn't be scripted any better for a rising film actress not only in the genre of horror but also other more dramatic roles. It was here under the splatter of Blood Ward special effects that I caught up with Sonya and convinced her to do an interview for the Shock Theatre fans.

Born in Northeast Georgia Sonya loves to make people smile and has since she was a young girl. Her acting carreer took her through some early training as she later studied with such notable mentors as Kate Rasnick, Candace Mabry, Jennifer Malone, Shreepal Zala and Ted Brunetti. All specializing in different skill sets ranging from voice-overs to many acting classes and workshops.

She has worked on several projects ranging from film to music videos to TV shows to commercials. She starred in an infomercial with comedian Dominick Racano. She was a detective in the movie 'Ebony Knight' and a FBI agent in the webisode series 'Money, Power and Respect' She also had a small role in the movie 'More Than Diamonds' and the short film "Final Etiquette".

But most notably and most likely of the most interest to you our Shock Theatre minions, Sonya is a huge focal point in the AMC series the Walking Dead. Not only does Sonya appear in the series but her zombie image has been used worldwide for the Waling Dead marketing campaign. In other words she’s hot stuff right now in the business and we’re going to find out what Sonya has been up to.

Continue to look for her smiling face in more upcoming projects. Sonya will be at Con nooga February 17-18-19, so keep your eyes on the schedule and attend one of her events. Sonya reminds us that, the world is her canvas and she is ready to paint!

Ruby Fallsruby f halloween 2011
Shock Theatre to Appear at Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern on October 21-22.
August 20, 2011

Nightmares return to Lookout Mountain as Ruby Falls hosts its annual Haunted Cavern. Adding to the notorious Cavern's night's of fright will be Shock Theatre.

That's right ghouls and goblins Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody and Dingbat will be appearing live on Ocotber 21-22 from 7pm until 11pm. Come out and meet the Shock Theatre Cast at Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern.

This intense event brings terror 260 feet underground and is considered one of Chattanooga's Premier Haunted Attraction. Descend the Helevator and take the Last Ride if you dare...and remember...once you're underground, no one can hear you scream.

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern was voted one of the Top 10 Haunted Houses for Halloween 2010 by Rand-McNally.
Ruby Falls
1720 South Scenic Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37409
Phone: 423-821-2544

HP Halloween 2011Theatre's Rockin Halloween
October 31, 2011

Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody and Dingbat will welcome the dead as they present Shock Theatre's Rockin Halloween. Live music, Film screenings, Magic by Scott Fillers, Subterranean Cirqus, Nurse Goodbody's Costume Contest.

All the fun gets underway at
6:00 Screening Room - Plan 9 From Outer Space

8:00 with the Magic of Scott Fillers

8:00 Screening Room - I Drink Your Blood

9:00 Dr. Shock and the Shock Theatre Orchestra take the stage for a blazing set of music from "Hauntsville"

10:00 Prepare yourselves for a little pain as Subterranean Cirques brings their freak and torture sideshow to the pint.

10:00 Screening Room - Zombie

11:00 Odist, a three piece rock trio from Atlanta which have been described as progressive alt rock begin to bring the show to a boil.

12:00 Nurse Goodbody's Costume Contest with cash prize of $100.

12:30 Opposite Box, Chattanooga's own high energy funk and jam wall of sound makes the final assault on the Honest Pint.

Directions - 35 Patten Parkway, Chattanooga, TN  37402


“Hauntsville” at Con Nooga 2011

Hauntsville is a Musical debut built around Dr. Shock and his Shock Theatre Orchestra presenting “Hauntsville” Starring Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dirge.

A haunted world featuring a homespun “Shock Opera”, hosted by the neurotic ghoul Dr. Shock and his sidekick Nurse Goodbody. Joining them is the mischievous prankster puppet Dingbat and his puppet master, a “dream reaper,” known as “Dirge.” The three will debut the

“Shock Theatre Orchestra” as they present “Hauntsville” a morbid musical.
This is an extension of the Shock Theatre Resurrection project due to re-air the popular Shock Theatre program in the Chattanooga market sometime in 2011. Lead producer Jack Gray has brought together an all star lineup of musicians and cast to chronicle the demise of Shock Theatre One. The years dating between 1978 to the present will be the backdrop for this morbid tale of desolation and woe.

Shock Theatre To Return To Thistv For

Valentines Special

The cast of the New Shock Theatre will return to the airwaves on February 12
for a fun filled Valentines Special event. Joining Dr. Shock will be Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dingbat's puppet master Dirge the Dream Reaper. ShocknNurseG
The program will air three times in a row on Saturday night from 5 - 7pm, 7- 9pm  and 9-11pm  Eastern Standard Time.

Dalton Util
Ringgold Tel
Bledsoe Tel
Dr. Shock will introduce the cast as they begin the search for Dingbat, which will lead them into strange realms of the paranormal and psychic dimensions. Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody and Dirge are succesful in locating Dingbat and bringing him back to life as the cast reunites for the long awaited resurrection of Shock Theatre.

Shock Theatre returns to the airwaves as they bring a Valentine's Day gift to Chattanooga. It's Valentines Day celebrated Halloween style with Pumpkinhead. Guaranteed to scare the chocolate out of you so beware as we spread the evil of Pumkinhead.  Join us as we bring terror to the hearts and minds of  Shock Theatre fans across the Tennessee Valley.

The cast is comprised of Jack Gray as Dr. Shock, Constance Burymore portrays Nurse Goobody and Eric Scealf tackles the duties of Dirge, Dingbat's puppet master. The three exchange humorous banter as they discuss facts and trivia surrounding the movie "Pumpkinhead"

Pumpkinhead (1988)

Pumpkinhead is a 1988 supernatural horror film. It was the directorial debut of noted special effects artist Stan Winston. While Pumpkinhead received mixed reviews, the film has built up a cult following in the years since its release.

Pumpkinhead is a backwoods chiller built around revenge as a hideous villain named Pumpkinhead is conjured up from hell by a local witch. A group of teenagers who are camping in the area come by Harley's (Lance Henriksen) store, and the man's son is killed after being hit by one of their dirtbikes. The teens flee after leaving the young boy to die. The boys Father finds out and swears to take revenge for his son's death.

Harley goes to see a supposed witch, who says she cannot bring his son back, but after Harley relates having seen the creature  when he was young, she agrees to help him seek revenge, but warns him that vengeance comes with a powerful price. On her orders, Harley goes to an old pumpkin patch and digs up a disfigured corpse bringing it back to her cabin, where the witch uses blood from both father and son to resurrect the creature.

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