Dirge - Nurse Goodbody - Dingbat - Dr. Shock

The Cast of Shock Theatre

Dr. Shock, Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat and Dirge

A haunted world featuring classic and contemporary horror films, hosted by the neurotic ghoul Dr. Shock and his devilishly lovely sidekick Nurse Goodbody.

Joining them is the mischievous prankster puppet Dingbat and his puppet master, a “dream reaper,” known as “Dirge.”  The three exchange humorous banter and discuss facts drawn from horror and sci-fi films presented on the Shock Theater program.

Shock Theatre Logo

Dr Shock Desatch

Doc Shock
Mastermind behind Shock Theatre

The role of Doctor Shock is performed by Jack Gray. A veteran in the music business, Gray wears many hats as Shock Theatre's patriarch.  Writer, composer, producer, puppetmaker, business manager, there is no aspect of Shock Theatre that Doc isn't involved in.

  Dr. Shock- is the master of electricity. He has created a Shock Reanimator which can bring the dead back to life.

He also has electrically charged Skull Rings that can fire bursts of electricity. One skull ring located on each hand gives doc one two knockout weapon.  Another one of his weapons is Skully his trusty skull spetre.

When he holds skully up, skully  can fire an electrical proton beam. Shock is a very deadly menacing figure if he needs to be. In addition Shock is telepathic and can communicate directly with Nurse Goodbody, Dingbat  and Dirge. Doc is also a skilled hypnotist.

Nurse G April

Nurse Badbody or Goodbody (It all depends on her mood)

Nurse Goodbody is played by April Sinclair.

Mystery, beauty and brains are words that perhaps best describe Dr. Shock’s infamous horror hosting sidekick. They also happen to describe April Sinclair, a young and vibrant actress, who has returned to  the Shock Theatre family for the next spooktacular episode.

Nurse Goodbody brings the sizzle to Shock Theater. She's organized and keeps Shock on his A game.  sexy, sweet, sassy, articulate, a bit naive, mysterious, dark, kind hearted and courteous as she finds herself as the matriarch of Shock Theatre. She wrestles with aspects of both good and evil that lurk in her psyche, as she is at times both Nurse Goodbody and Nurse Badbody.... depending on her mood.

Nurse Goodbody has an ancient healing blessing upon her soul. She controls instant healing for herself and anyone she touches who is wounded or in pain. But, she also has a dark side.

Nurse G is a highly trained technician in bio warfare. Her command of germ and viral weaponry makes Nurse Goodbody a lethal foe and someone you should be nice to. She is also a very persuasive seductress and  telepathic, along with Shock and Dirge.


Dirge the Dream Reaper

.... what is a dream reaper you ask?   Dirge's secret power is he's telepathic and he dreams his subjects fate, then implants the dream into their brains.

If the subject is aligned with Dirge....and is pure at heart, then their dreams will be sweet, warm and fuzzy. If a subject has a corrupt heart full of evil then dirge will impart nightmares. Nightmare after nightmare... night after night until the subject is so fearful to sleep, they literally stay awake continuously and drive themselves bonkers.

If one comes in contact with Dirge's eyes...  a person mind will be erased and athey become zombies. Hence the welders glasses.  muahahahah...... best align oneself with Dirge!


Dingbat a mischevious puppet bat.

The voice and role of Dingbat is performed by Teddy Whittenbarger as Dirge the dream reaper.